5 Clever Ways To Save Money As A 20-Something Nigerian

It really get frustrating when your green account balance of yesterday is suddenly red by today. I can understand where your money goes to if you are a twenty something who lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to invalidate the struggles of millennial living in other states in... Continue Reading →

Welcome To a New Year and A New Decade

Happy new year fans! And welcome to the year 2020, the year that ushers us into a new decade. I sincerely hope the new year started on a high note for you. For me, I'm gearing my spirit up for the amazing things that will happen to my this new year. *talk about faith in... Continue Reading →

LIFESTYLE|| Adulting 101; 5 Things Nobody Told Me About Being An Adult

The first time I asked my mum if it was possible that I visited a friend's house, she asked me to write the name and address of the person I was going to see and why the visit to their house would be of benefit to me. In a bit to make sure that this... Continue Reading →

SOCIAL MEDIA|| 5+1 Instagram-Story Features You Should Know & How They Help Grow Your Side Hustle

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has grown from primarily a photo sharing app for teenagers to a hub where brands and business owners can easily engage with their audience. For me personally, I think that Instagram is a viable platform for any brand or business owner to develop and sustain a relationship with potential... Continue Reading →

LIFESTYLE|| 6 Young Nigerian Women Making Global Impact That You Should Know

Permit me to say African women are the most industrious women on the surface of the earth. I wake up every morning more convinced than the previous day that it's a great time to be alive and to be a woman. Forget all the negative talk about this generation of women, the truth is we... Continue Reading →

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