LIFESTYLE ||Watch Your Mouth

Hello beauties, Welcome to a brand new week! This is the 23rd week of the year and I'm happy that the year is gradually grinding towards an end. How did you utilise your weekend? Well, I attended the African Fashion weekend and I must say that the event was worth it.  I was particularly awed… Continue reading LIFESTYLE ||Watch Your Mouth

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GOODNEWS ||What Godliness Is Not

Hello beauties, Welcome to a brand new week and happy democracy day to all my fellow Nigerian. How are you spending this day,  well for me, it's my wash day because I only have the luxury of washing my clothes one a month I'm just going to make today that day.  As much as it… Continue reading GOODNEWS ||What Godliness Is Not

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Hello beauties, It's Monday again and I think you already know it's my favourite day of the week. How did your weekend go?  Mine, as usual, was as busy as a regular weekday but I'm still grateful for the growth. I want to take this time to appreciate everyone that take time out to click… Continue reading MOTIVATION || Just Go On 

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What False Nails Have Taught me

Hello beauties, Welcome to another diary session with Koz. All of you reading this post right now are the bomb. Thank you for taking time out to read my thoughts. Today, I will be sharing my struggles false nails. Two weeks ago, I was preparing for a wedding and in that spirit of preparation, I decided… Continue reading What False Nails Have Taught me



Growing up I wanted to be an Architect, Astronaut, Judge, Fashion Designer, Insurer(influenced by my dad), in fact, I wanted to be everything but how I ended up an engineer is a story for another day. Being a female engineering student is not among the list of fun things to do in life. I know… Continue reading LIFESTYLE || ENGINE GIRL