LIFESTYLE|| 5 Things You are Spending Too Much Money On

If you are a twenty-something-year-old lady living in 2017 you'd agree with me that there is absolutely nothing wrong with desiring all the good things of life like expensive hair extension, designer bags and shoes and trendy outfits. But have you ever thought of it this way; enjoying all of these things now could mean… Continue reading LIFESTYLE|| 5 Things You are Spending Too Much Money On


STYLE|| 6 Ways To Slay In Shorts

Hello everyone, Welcome to my blog again! Finally, the weekend is here and in a very weird way I’m excited that it’s weekend. The weekend is going to be a busy one for me but I still want the weekend to come. In the weekend mood, I want to share with us tips on how… Continue reading STYLE|| 6 Ways To Slay In Shorts


STYLE||Top 5 Summer Trends

Hello beauties, How is the week going? Today's post is all about summer. When I was a kid, I never knew summer existed. Yes o, I was raised not to know summer. All I knew was dry season, rainy season and harmattan. And I knew that long holiday that precedes a new class was used… Continue reading STYLE||Top 5 Summer Trends


LIFESTYLE ||Watch Your Mouth

Hello beauties, Welcome to a brand new week! This is the 23rd week of the year and I'm happy that the year is gradually grinding towards an end. How did you utilise your weekend? Well, I attended the African Fashion weekend and I must say that the event was worth it.  I was particularly awed… Continue reading LIFESTYLE ||Watch Your Mouth

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GOODNEWS ||What Godliness Is Not

Hello beauties, Welcome to a brand new week and happy democracy day to all my fellow Nigerian. How are you spending this day,  well for me, it's my wash day because I only have the luxury of washing my clothes one a month I'm just going to make today that day.  As much as it… Continue reading GOODNEWS ||What Godliness Is Not