LIFESTYLE|| 6 Habits That Is Making You Unproductive

Have you ever been in a situation where you are torn in between a situation where you feel like you have so many things at the same time to attend to and they are being to overwhelm you? You would notice that in such situations, you eventually don't get any of those things done. Recently... Continue Reading →

LIFE LATELY|| The Sunshine Blogger Awards

Welcome to my blog! Long time no award post!!! It came as a big surprise to me when of Dynaxty blog nominated me for the Sunshine Awards. You can read Dynaxty nomination post here if you haven't. The award came when I was off my blogging game, so it was a lovely surprise and boost... Continue Reading →

LIFESTYLE|| 5 Things You are Spending Too Much Money On

If you are a twenty-something-year-old lady living in 2017 you'd agree with me that there is absolutely nothing wrong with desiring all the good things of life like expensive hair extension, designer bags and shoes and trendy outfits. But have you ever thought of it this way; enjoying all of these things now could mean... Continue Reading →

LIFESTYLE|| 6 Ways To Take Care of Yourself This Week

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to a brand new week! How have you all been? I want to say a big thank you to all of you that have stuck with me since the beginning of this journey called Kozdiaries. You guys have been my major source of motivation and have successfully helped me to... Continue Reading →

GUEST POST|| 10 Times I have Been Harassed As A Naturalista

Welcome to my blog! Today’s post is a guest post by my sister and I’m so excited to share with you because it’s something about her natural hair journey. I was a little bit influential in converting her into a naturalist but she has come to embrace this journey with all her might as she... Continue Reading →

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