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Hi there, My name is Queen Oizamsi and I'm the brain behind kozdiaries. I'm super elated to have you here and I hope you have an awesome time snooping around this little space of mine. I'm not sure what brought you here but I'm hoping that what you find will make you want to become... Continue Reading →

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5 Lessons From The Movie: The Train – A Mount Zion Production Movie

Movie Title: The Train; A journey of FaithGenre: BiographyPeriod that was covered: 1963-1993Written and Produced by: Damilola Mike-BamiloyeDirected by: Yemi Adepoju & Isaac AkintundePowered by Mount Zion Film Production If you grew up in a Christian home in Nigeria then Mount Zion movies will not be a new thing to you. My early years as... Continue Reading →

5 Songs To Keep Your Mind At Rest This Season

It's no news that the world is in panic mode as I write this. Everyone is afraid of the deadly disease that has invaded almost every nation of the earth. The truth is, the news can really make you afraid because its obvious that the disease is no respecter of class and status. I wake... Continue Reading →

10 Instagram Tricks I Bet You Don’t Know

Instagram is gradually becoming one of the best things that has happened to this generation. It has evolved from a platform for jobless teenagers to a place where business owners and customers relate. I remember when I first joined Instagram, I felt like it was a vain place and since I was a boring introvert,... Continue Reading →

5 Clever Ways To Save Money As A 20-Something Nigerian

It really get frustrating when your green account balance of yesterday is suddenly red by today. I can understand where your money goes to if you are a twenty something who lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to invalidate the struggles of millennial living in other states in... Continue Reading →

Beginners Guide To Setting Up Instagram Business Account

Do you know that there are over 25 billion business profile on Instagram? Do you that at least 80% of Instagram users follow a least one business? Well my friend, that is enough reason to want to open an account on Instagram for that small business of yours. I know its not everyone that understand... Continue Reading →

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