LIFE LATELY|| Welcome To My Blog

Hi there, My name is Queen Oizamsi and I'm the brain behind kozdiaries. I'm super elated to have you here and I hope you have an awesome time snooping around this little space of mine. I'm not sure what brought you here but I'm hoping that what you find will make you want to become... Continue Reading →

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Beginners Guide To Setting Up Instagram Business Account

Do you know that there are over 25 billion business profile on Instagram? Do you that at least 80% of Instagram users follow a least one business? Well my friend, that is enough reason to want to open an account on Instagram for that small business of yours. I know its not everyone that understand... Continue Reading →

SONG OF THE WEEK|| AS You Find Me by Hillsong

Know this for a fact; GOD IS MADLY IN LOVE WITH YOU, YES YOU! Every now and then, the devil stylishly trick our mind into thinking that the Love of God is not real. You might have had random thoughts like; How can I believe that God loves me in particular when he has about... Continue Reading →

SONG OF THE WEEK||Anchor By Hillsong

HEBREWS 6:19: This hope is like a firm and steady anchor for our souls. In fact, hope reaches behind the curtain and into the most holy place. What does it mean to have Jesus as the Anchor of our Souls in this age and Time? Does it mean that we are exempted from the trials,... Continue Reading →

LIFE LATELY ||This Girl, where have you been?

Hello there, welcome to the month of February this is often called the month of Love. My prayer is that may we find love in everything and everyone around Us. This is officially the umpteenth time I'm clearing the cobwebs off this space but the honest truth is life has been happening to me. Adulthood... Continue Reading →

SONG OF THE WEEK|| Kirk Franklin My World Needs You

Welcome to the first Song of the Week in 2020!!!! Feels good to be back with another song that has blessed me tremendously. If this is your first time on the blog, The Song of the Week Category was inspired by my love for music. I really love how the lyrics of a song can... Continue Reading →

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