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My name is Queen Oizamsi and I’m the brain behind kozdiaries. I’m super elated to have you here and I hope you have an awesome time snooping around this little space of mine. I’m not sure what brought you here but I’m hoping that what you find will make you want to become a member of this family.


Starting this blog is one of the boldest steps I’ve taken in my entire life and I hope to take more steps as I learn and grow. My uttermost desire for this space is a place where young adults like me and even people younger than I am can bank on for information to grow spiritually, emotionally and career wise.

I’m not a pro but I can assure you that you few minutes that you spend on this blog won’t be wasted. This blog is a significant part of my life and I hope to make it more memorable for my unborn generations. Watch out for amazing posts from me in relations to everything that I love that include and is not limited to;



  • Productivity Hacks
  • Books/ Songs Review
  • Everything about Spiritual Journey
  •  Random gists about living in Lagos
  • Productivity and personal development hacks
  • And every other thing in between

Here are some of the best posts on the blog that you might want to consider;

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  3. What Drives You?
  4. Why You Should Develop a personal Bible Study Habit
  5. Facts About Handbags You Never Knew
  6. 8 Biggest Face washing mistakes you are making
  7. Different Ways to Style A brooch
  8. Song of the Week
  9. Why You Should Be particular about Your Personal Development

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God bless you

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