10 Simple Ways To Fall In Love With You

Hello fams, How are you guys doing? I really appreciate all of the birthday wishes that you all sent and I must repeat here that I’m overwhelmed with the love. Thanks so much. I’m sure you’d be asking why I;m doing a post on a Tuesday? Yea I was supposed to put up two posts… Continue reading 10 Simple Ways To Fall In Love With You


LIFESTYLE|| Note To Birthday Girl

Dear Oizamsi, Happy birthday once again! what can I say but remind you to be grateful to the almighty God for making you alive to witness this day in sound health? I'm sure you are so happy to surrounded by people who truly love you and know you for who you truly are. Wait o,… Continue reading LIFESTYLE|| Note To Birthday Girl


LIFESTYLE||5 Simple Steps To Overcoming Bad Habits

Hey beautiful, Welcome to a brand new week and it's officially seven days to my birthday!!! How did your weekend go? I had a very eventful weekend for the first time in a long time. I was at the Lekki Conservation centre and it was an experience I can’t forget in a hurry. The high… Continue reading LIFESTYLE||5 Simple Steps To Overcoming Bad Habits

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Promise Keeper

Long time no see and happy new month to you all.  I have just been away from here for a week and it seem like ages.  I apologize for eloping without any prior notice but studying for my exams has taken the better part of my life.  Can't wait to be done with the exams… Continue reading Promise Keeper


SKINCARE || Why Collagen Face Mask?

Hello, beauties!!! Welcome to another Wednesday and thanks for visiting the blog again. How is your week turning out? I'm taking a break from reviewing the King women series on the blog this week to do something different. If you haven't read any of reviews you can check it out at the bottom of this post.… Continue reading SKINCARE || Why Collagen Face Mask?