LIFESTYLE||5 Simple Steps To Overcoming Bad Habits

Hey beautiful,
Welcome to a brand new week and it’s officially seven days to my birthday!!!
How did your weekend go? I had a very eventful weekend for the first time in a long time. I was at the Lekki Conservation centre and it was an experience I can’t forget in a hurry. The high point of the outing was me almost crying on the canopy walk bridge. Mehn, I was scared to my bones but after each hurdle, I just realize that fear is in the mind and nowhere else.

Today, I would be talking about overcoming bad habits. There’s nobody that is a saint when it comes to having bad habits. I for one, I used to have a very silly habit of biting my nails and as I grew up, I kind of discovered that it was a thing in my dad’s family for them to bit their nails, therefore making them have very ugly nails. As soon as I discovered this thing, I had to make a deliberate effort to put an end to it. It was very easy for me, but I kept trying till I can now comfortably not bite my nails.

There are, however, two kinds of bad habits: The ones you know you have, but others may not notice, and those you don’t know you have, but everybody else is aware of.
How do you get rid of a bad habit if you don’t know you have it? The answer is simple but hard: Ask somebody to be brutally honest with you. You might be afraid of being embarrassed, but would you rather everyone talk behind your back? Get up the courage and ask. Ask somebody who loves you and has your best interest in mind. Be gracious and don’t defend yourself. Just accept it and work on it.
So here are some tips that I used in defending my bad habit;

1. List Out These Habits
The first step to overcoming bad habits is to know what they are. You should deliberately and truthfully list out all these bad habits that you know about. You can also require the assistance of a trusted friend to analyze your life and tell you all of the bad habits that you have that is not obvious to you. Listing these habits out puts you in a better position to work on them.

2. You Have To Want Them To Go
Some people are actually comfortable with their bad habits because they think it’s part of them so they would prefer to have it than be exposed as someone with a bad habit. To overcome any type of bad habit, you have to desire that this habit leaves you that’s after you have acknowledged the presence of this habit.

3. Make a List of the Reasons Why You Want To Stop This Habit
Have a list of positive reasons why stopping this habits would be of great benefit to you. Think about all the good things that would accompany the end of that bad habit. For me, it has to be having beautiful nails that everyone would admire and the fact that I don’t have to hide my nails when I’m having a conversation.

4. Take Action
For you to take action, you have to choose one of the habits that you want to work on and start taking actions towards overcoming the habit. You don’t have to be drastic about the whole thing, all you require are baby steps towards the achievement of that goal of yours.

5. Tell Someone
This is your accountability partner. Tell them your goal and tell them your plan. Write it down for them and have them ask you on regular intervals about your progress. This will help you stay focused on achieving that goal of overcoming the habit.

Don’t forget to reward yourself every time you make a big move towards overcoming that bad habit. You can start by congratulating yourself and buying a gift for yourself whenever you hit a milestone.

In conclusion, remember that habits are very hard nuts to break but having a simple and workable plan would make it easier for you to consistently work towards overcoming that bad habit.

Do you have any bad habit that you’ve been struggling to overcome?
How did you eventually overcome this habit?

Till my next post, I’m on





***Hugs and kisses***


14 thoughts on “LIFESTYLE||5 Simple Steps To Overcoming Bad Habits

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  1. So, confession time 😅. I still bite my nails 😭. It’s from my mom’s side of the family and I’ve tried so much to stop biting them. It’s mostly when I’m studying or worrying about something. So now I find something else to fidget with and eventually forget about the nails. One day I’ll get over it completely. Thanks for sharing 😊

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    1. You should visit that place dear, and make sure you go through the canopy walkway, that’s the high point for me. Thank you for stopping by the blog really appreciate


      1. The canopy was quite shaky guess because of people’s weight. I wasn’t scared at all. I even make mouth to my friends about it being a piece of cake for me but when I got on it eh… The story changed.

        Liked by 1 person

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